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Simply put, single-origin coffee comes from a single country or farm. This is different than most coffee beans you’ll find at the store, which tend to combine beans from various regions to balance out the flavors.

Drinking a mug of single-origin coffee is an entirely different culinary experience. Suddenly, your mug is alive with only the sweet berry notes of Ethiopian coffee beans or the smooth, slightly acidic chocolate flavor of Central American beans.

You can even trace the flavor of your coffee back to the characteristics of the particular farm where it was grown — the soil, the growing conditions during that season, and even the plants that grew near the coffee crop. Every batch of single-origin coffee is unique, which is what makes it special. You don’t throw back a cup of single-origin coffee during a rushed morning. It’s something you savor, sip by sip.

Box includes: **specify in note (ground or whole bean)

4oz bag- Ethiopian

4oz bag- Kenyan

4oz bag- Brazilian

4oz bag-o- Mystery (blend or single origin) you decide!

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