Top of the Line Mitragyna Speciosa extract capsule

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day jump start pk (2caps)
Mitragyna Speciosa Botanical Extract


Our brand new kratom Extract, with a stronger and more euphoric effect than ever. Take advantage of this opportunity to try this epic new formula before anyone else. WARNING: extremely potent!

Kratom extract capsules (1g per cap)

* bigger quantity pks comin soon!

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The 7th Dimension is an earth like realm that has been described as a parallel universe or an alternative reality. It differs from the enslavement mindset that humanity calls the 3rd dimensional “real” world. We all posses a higher self that dwells in the 7th dimension, but most cannot conceive this notion. Thus a powerful being emerges from this alternate reality with a set of Mystical Keys known as Liquids. He has come to guide the nonbelievers beyond this reflective mirror image called “reality” into a higher level of awareness. In the end all will be enlightened by this presence known as OMEGA.

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